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HaKol - Joining Remote Congregations

HaKol is the way two different Hebrew words are pronounced. Ha means "the" for both if them. Kol could be spelled two different ways. One means "voice" or "calling," the other means "all."

So both "the calling" and "the all of us."

It melds two timely concepts.

The first is that there is a whole world of pain out there. People are crying for help, and their voices aren't heard.

The second is that we are all in this together. We have learned, in no uncertain terms, that happens far away affects us locally. We are all in this together. If someone is going through trying times, it will come back to haunt all of us. Similarly, helping those in need, even if they are remote, benefits us all.

It is the confluence of these two meanings which describes the HaKol Initiative.

Congregations are hurting. If we can listen, their cries become a calling for us. Answering that calling binds us as a far reaching community.

The HaKol Initiative is a way to join remote congregations. We're talking about much more than a donation. We are talking about becoming a member of a community on the front lines of Judaism. Just being recognized by people who want to be a part of their effort is much more powerful than even large donations.

People who aren't yet affiliated might love to join at an out of state rate (often a fifth of full membership); joining many synagogues could become the new standard of menschelichtkeit; remote congregations could get a renewed source of motivation for the holy work they are doing.


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